For Betonrossi success is the result of ideas developed through intuition, experience, research and technology. Great ideas for the construction world and even greater resources. The resources and power behind a leader producing high performance and special concretes, highly workable, mechanically strong, durable and safe. An annual production of about one million and three hundred cubic metres of concrete, 50 mixing plants located in the north of Italy and over 250 truck mixers and concrete pumps.

Extraordinary human resources and production assets, a unique capital of men, means and technology at the service of the construction industry. All because in such a fragmented and complex industry, the group has opted for quality, following a precise strategy that has led it to become the technological reference point of the sector.

A philosophy that, on the one hand, has resulted in a continuous improvement in technology and, on the other, in the production and marketing of top quality concrete to provide customers with products designed specifically to satisfy their every need. A leader not only in quality, but also in service. At the forefront of Design and Technical Assistance to contractors and designers. Because for Betonrossi  service, quality, reliability and assistance represent a genuine “must do” that is transformed each day into a healthy partnership with the customer.

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Socio Unico Cementirossi S.p.a.
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