Technical Data Sheets

Betonrossi has designed a wide and comprehensive range of performance concretes that you will find described in this easy to consult manual, which has been specially written to help you identify the best product to suit your project requirements and site needs.

The choice of which concrete to use  is  a complex one. There are many  variables determined by laws, standards and codes of practice, as well as site needs and specific performance requirements such as strength and durability, above all  where there are unusual  environmental conditions.

Betonrossi, in order to help you find your way through this labyrinth of codes, standards and requirements and to help you identify the product you require,  has organised the data, characteristics and performances of each concrete in a technical data sheet that will allow you to quickly find what you are looking for: durable structural concretes, high workability, heat-insulating, sound-absorbing, for repairs, pigmented, specials and much much more.

A wide range of concretes for general use and for specific applications designed to guarantee perfect results and perfect structures.

 All because Betonrossi has been supplying you with efficient products, tools and solutions since it was born.

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